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Recruiting in 2020: How to Reach Top Talent in a Changing Market

Recruiting in 2020: How to Reach Top Talent in a Changing Market

Recruiting in 2020 has seen many unexpected events that have forced the market to change focus. What was a candidate’s market just a few months back has now become an employer’s market, tasked with hiring the best of the best from a talent pool affected by furloughs and layoffs.

Where the energy industry was once struggling to find individuals skilled and capable of successfully filling essential positions, the market has now grown overnight to a place saturated with professionals more than ready to work.

What can be done to attract those individuals who best fit your company, your goals, and your vision of what comes next during a period that can only be described as “unprecedented”?

 Send the Right Signals

An employer’s brand is a combination of many things. Every action and interaction can either add to it or diminish it. A company’s goal should be to build their brand at every point of contact. Although the job market has become more saturated, managing the candidate experience is still a vital part of recruiting in 2020. One of the key ways is to brand a company as a place conducive to professional growth.

Be a Good Example

After all that has happened this year, a company needs to be seen as resilient. One that, against all odds, keeps working and adapting to meet this new normal. If you can brand your company as a center of innovation and a place where talented people can professionally flourish, it will attract those candidates looking to strengthen themselves and the companies of which they are a part.  

Use Your Recruiting Partners

If anyone knows the ebb and flow of the talent pool, it is an experienced recruiting firm. J MAR & Associates works with the candidates you want to attract every day. What was once a matter of finding the best passive candidates in a talent-driven market is now about finding the sharpest needle in the stack of other needles. A great recruiting specialist knows what each position takes for success and, most importantly, knows the skills and natural affinities a position will need as a company transitions into the future.

At J MAR & Associates, we develop new strategies to grow with the markets and client partners to whom we provide service. What never changes, however, is our commitment to helping those companies visibly represent their missions and finding the leadership and talent to carry on that mission successfully.