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Making a Career Move in the Energy Industry? Here are a few things to consider.

Making a Career Move in the Energy Industry? Here are a few things to consider.

You are a leader and a top performer. You have dedicated the time to help build a company you’ve come to call home, but you’ve outgrown the opportunities your current position has to offer. You are a doer, a person driven to learn, and you work to become a  larger part of anything you do. If this speaks to you, if you are unsatisfied or unhappy in your current situation and are thinking about making a career move, it is time to think about why.

Positives and Negatives in Your Current Position

Every job has its positives and its negatives. No position checks every box 100 percent of the time. Often, in work as in life, in order to gain something incredibly rewarding, we have to experience the unpleasant. The pandemic has provided a unique moment in time to take a step back and assess what it is about our careers that we really love and those things that we could very much do without. Take an inventory of those likes and dislikes and apply them while making a career move down a path you want.

Pick a Target or Targets

Now that you have taken an inventory and established what you want more of in your next position, you can start considering companies that align with those goals. In order to grow both personally and professionally, to maintain a healthy balance between your life and your career, you want to find organizations that match these goals and personal values, as well as offers the type of work at which you not only excel but also enjoy.

Pace Yourself

Many times, in life or in business, we can see where we want to be, but getting there is always more complicated than simply wanting something. Smaller steps equal greater distances in the long run. What does this mean in practice? Now that you have determined your goals, based upon your current situation, coming up with an actionable, organized and achievable plan is necessary to narrow your search to those companies that reflect what you’ve learned about what you truly want for your career and life. Making a career move should be done with purpose and precision.

Choose a Partner

The next step in your process should be to choose a recruiter who provides you perspective within your industry. Recruiting consultants not only have access to expansive networks of contacts and companies but also act as advocates and coaches when you find those companies that meet your specific qualifications. 

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