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4 Reasons Energy Staffing Consultants Matter During Times of Transition

4 reasons expert energy staffing and recruiting consultants are necessary during times of transition

Energy staffing has never been more important to our industry. Within the next two quarters of 2020, many experts expect an increased level of acquisitions and mergers to occur in energy. Companies already under manpower constraints will need competent and efficient staffing resources to aid in the transition, along with a trusted advisor who knows the industry and the unique needs this process entails. 

Maintaining What You Have

If we think about acquisitions and mergers in the traditional or conventional way, on the surface, companies are taking on a host of new talent and manpower. However, the likelihood of those most valuable, specialized, essential employees coming along without actively being recruited into a company is highly unlikely. Energy staffing has become increasingly competitive simply because the number of smaller to mid-sized companies is shrinking and, in response, the talent gaps have grown. Those standout performers are highly prized and, without a dedicated recruitment and staffing specialist who can decipher the personal and professional requirements of potential future leaders, they may leave the acquisition process and a company for offers that appear more accommodating.  

Easing Cultural Transition

Acquisitions are all about the efficient and often delicate management of new resources. While finding professional homes for the talent you inherit is difficult enough, maintaining and easing the cultural transitions is another aspect a capable recruiter, with intimate knowledge of the industry, can be of great assistance in accomplishing effectively. Even after all negotiations are over, to form a company that is constant in its vision will require a concentrated effort to cement new and productive relationships between those company veterans and those new additions. An energy staffing expert can help avoid miscommunications revolving around the past compared to current expectations. 

Common Tripping Points

In the line of avoiding unnecessary hindrances to company cohesion, mergers and acquisitions are at times emotional events. Things that might seem trivial can easily become larger issues if not handled correctly. Altering job titles, adjusting corporate branding and especially changing an acquired company’s headquarters may seem like trivial things, but considering the attachment long-term employees can develop, changing a job title or adapting a brand someone was involved with from inception can be hazardous sticking points. Experienced energy staffing and recruitment experts have the advantage of perspective. They know the field and know what candidates value. Using them as consultants can help a company engaging in a merger or acquisition to avoid these unnecessary pitfalls to productivity.  

The Dangers of Misinformation

An acquisition or a merger are huge events in any corporate setting and will invariably cause a buzz throughout both companies and the industry at large. For most people, this level of change brings about feelings of uncertainty, mainly regarding the security of their position in whatever the resulting organization looks like. Multiply this by every roll in the company, and you will invariably see a slowdown in business as usual, resulting in lost productivity because of an assumed instability. Speculation without a surplus of information to counter it will result in a company losing time and resources in a time where efficient use of both is absolutely essential. Again, the perspective of an energy staffing and recruiting expert, who has the experience, who has seen these transitions play out, will be a stabilizing agent, providing reliable timelines for talent to follow, ensuring a sense of stability. 

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